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How We Impact Your Experience

There are two factors that have the most impact on your experience when working with us, and that is our professional experience and who we employ. Simply put, this is a team effort where one does not work without the other. Thomas Harvey & Company has well over 80 years combined professional experience. Thomas Harvey started his career in construction back in 1986, and the folks he has hired cut their teeth in the industry during the 1990's. With this in mind, not only do we bring a wide variety of ideas and cost effective methods to our customers, we retain the best qualities of old school craftsmanship with fresh perspectives and new techniques.

I employ my own inhouse management team and have a dedicated group of subcontractors. The best work is accomplished where there is trust and loyalty between the contractor and subcontractors as well as between all contractors and the customer. By using highly skilled craftsmen that are part of the team, our customers realize a finished product that in most cases exceeds all expectations.

Learn more about me (Tom) and my team by talking in person or over the phone. Although I did start off in construction back in 1986, I still embrace new technologies like the very cool call button at the top of the page labeled "Call Me Now". I look forward to hearing from you and talking with you about how Thomas Harvey & Company can help to accomplish your goals.


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